Our next featured couple is Mr & Mrs Woodrow who celebrated their special winter wedding day with us here at Western House in October 2019. Special thanks to Clyde Photography for the stunning photographs!


How did you meet?
We met on a night out. Wallace's friend had just got a new job and they were out celebrating, my friend knew Wallace and we began chatting. 

What was the proposal like?
Our proposal still isn't complete. I was caught completely off guard and when I saw the ring I began crying, happy tears of course. Wallace was never able to complete his proposal. It was really lovely though, we had been out for dinner and he waited until we got home to our new home we had just bought.


What made you choose Western House Hotel as your wedding venue?

We had visited a few venues but Western House was perfect! The staff were so welcoming and from our first visit we felt comfortable and knew it was the right place. Laura was great and nothing was too much hassle. The ballroom was lovely with the cathedral ceiling and the large fireplace; it was cosy but still big enough for all our guests. We went for a few meals before booking the venue and the food was delicious and we received great service. We could see from our visit that there were also plenty of lovely spots in the gardens and inside the venue that would be perfect for photographs. It was important to us that we could have photographs inside and outside as it was an autumn wedding and the weather is always unpredictable.


What was the most important detail to you when planning your wedding?

There were so many important details in our day. It was important that our guests had as good a day as us and we wanted a venue with wow factor. We wanted our ceremony to be personal and reflect us as a couple. It was also important that the venue was welcoming, comfortable and that the meal was good. Western House paid attention to all the small details that really helped make our day. 

Looking back, what was your favourite part of your wedding day?

It’s really difficult to choose just one part. Our ceremony was lovely and really personal. The little added extras like having our pets there were great too and meant a lot to us. 

What is your top tip for newly engaged couples?
Take it slowly, everyone will be really excited for you and expect you to be making plans but take your time and do it at your own pace. Just enjoy the moment. Remember it’s your day too and plan the day that you want.



Did you go on honeymoon? If so, where?
Yes, we went on two. Our first was to Turkey a few weeks after the wedding and then went our main honeymoon in January to Italy Skiing. 

What is your favourite thing about married life?
Getting to spend everyday with your best friend.


A special thank you to Mr & Mrs Woodrow for letting us share their special day. Photography : Clyde Photography

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